Satellite Internet In Paktika – Free Hardware* - From less than US$ 20 per month!

Wafa are able to offer high speed internet via satellite in Paktika and throughout the rest of Afghanistan.
Our premium satellites ensure that we can offer exceptional coverage to all military bases in the Paktika area of Afghanistan.
We also offer the lowest priced satellite internet services to all military bases in the Paktika area of Afghanistan.
In Paktika Our Satellite Internet Services Cover:
Airfields in Paktika
  • Chapman Airfield
  • Khowst
FOBs In Paktika
  • FOB Bermel
  • FOB Orgun-e
  • FOB Sharana
Camps In Paktika
  • Camp BullDog
  • Camp Harriman
  • Camo Kearney
Fire Bases in Paktika
  • Firebase Orgun-E
  • Fire Shkin
  • Fire Base Waza Khwa
PRTs in Paktika
  • PRT Sharana-ISAF US
Even if your base is not listed - Don't worry, we still have you covered. Wherever you are in Paktika or Afghanistan, we can offer you internet access via our high-speed satellite network.
Freedom HN - Ka band satellite internet in Patika
Our recommended internet access solution for Paktika area of Afghanistan is our FreedomSat's Freedom HN service, using the Hughes 9200 with is a high-performance satellite router designed to support fast connections where other services may struggle.

Even if you have the Hughes HX50 in Paktika and would like to upgrade to the new Freedom HN Ka band, let us know and we can get it all sorted, OR, if you would like to continue services on the HX50 also we offer the services and you just need to let us know .
Satellite internet coverage over complete Patika & Afghanistan
Complete Afghanistan Coverage

We offer satellite internet coverage over entire Paktika in Afghanistan, giving our customers fastest, cheapest and yet most reliable internet access across the country.

Note - Satellite Internet is Not Allowed inside U.A.E. as per local regulations, and hence not sold within U.A.E.

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