Satellite internet for military troops

…..."The WafaNet Freedom 100 package was exactly what our team needed to stay connected to home. Commercial wireless services that were already available in our area were nearly twice as expensive as Wafa's service costs (when split amongst us), and the speed and bandwidth they offer can't even begin to compare.

I had our system up and running in a few hours, and that evening we had four Skype calls running simultaneously with no degradation. I'd highly recommend that anyone looking to order locally provided services perform a thorough cost-analysis first, because I really can't think of a more affordable or customizable service" - Timothy Ames

freedomsat – Satellite Broadband Internet in Afghanistan for Military Troops

Free System

Short Contracts

Free or subsidized shipping

Instant Delivery

Freedom HN - Hughes Ka band satellite broadband in Afghanistan

From US$ 29.50 / month

Lowest Pricing, Highest Speeds

Best Support

Up to 10 Mbps !

*Terms & conditions apply
FreedomSat's Freedom HN Satellite Broadband Internet for Afghanistan ( powered by Hughes)

Wafa takes care of all the internet needs for the military troops during deployment. We are committed to provide internet Services to cater the needs of communicating them back home with their respective families and friends. Internet access is a morale booster for deployed soldiers !

Get online in Afghanistan from only US$ 29.50 per month!
The Freedom HN services have been built to offer high speed satellite internet access anywhere in Afghanistan and/or Iraq.
Entire Afghanistan is covered with the footprint of Hylas 2 and services can be moved anywhere within the service footprint. 
We have been providing satellite internet throughout the region since 2003. Our high-speed satellite internet service using FreedomSat's Freedom HN ( and earlier also Hughes HX 50 ) is available at military bases in Afghanistan. We assure the hardware is free on majority of the service package. Just give us a call and we will ensure everything is taken care off.

Afghanistan Satellite Internet Service Prices and Plans

Flexible length contracts are available - please contact sales for details
Lowest Broadband Internet Prices in Afghanistan

Package Name Headline Download (Kbps)* Headline Uplink (Kbps)*
Monthly volume allowance (GB) Price Per
Month (US $)
Complete System + 0.98m Dish   (US $) †
Consumer Packages          
Freedom 4 512  256 4 29.50 349
Freedom 6 512 256 6 35 349
Freedom 8 1024 512 8 39.50
Freedom 10 2048 768 10 50.75 339
Freedom 13 3072 768 13 67.75
Freedom 16 4096 768 16 84.50
Professional Packages          
Freedom 20 4096 768 20 112.75
Freedom 30 4096
768 30 170 199
Freedom 40 4096
768 40 230 149
Freedom 50 4096 768 50 285
Freedom 75 4096 1024 75 425 Free
Freedom 100 6144 2048 100 565
Freedom 120 6144 2048 120 675
Freedom 200 6144 2048 200 1130 Free
Freedom 300 6144 2048 300 1700 Free
Freedom Unlimited (1:10 Contention Ratio ) 2048 1024 Unlimited 495 Free

WAFA's Unlimited Fap Free ( No Quotas ) Services , 1:1 Dedicated Bandwidth Packages²

Hardware for Dedicated Bandwidth will be using iDirect X1 modem system¹

Dedicated Service Plans Download Speed (Kbps) Upload Speed
( Kbps)
Price Per
Month (US $)
Complete System
+0.98m Dish  (US$)† 
128 x 128 128 128 449 695
256 x 256 256 256 749 695
512 x 128 512 128 899 669
512 x 256 512 256 1,199 659
512 x 512 512 512 1,599 599
1Mbps x 256 1024 256 1,799 499
1Mbps x 512 1024 512 2,249 299
1Mbps x 1Mbps 1024 1024 2,999 199
2Mbps x 512 2048 512 3,749 Free
2Mbps x 1Mbps 2048 1024 4,699 Free
2Mbps x 2Mbps 2048 2048 5,999 Free
Group QoS – Units in same group can share same bandwidth       To Discuss on Case to case basis
¹The Grade of Service (GoS) is a fully transparent document that outlines all the typical speeds you can expect from our main shared packages. The way we deliver these guarantees is by operating our Fair Access Policy (FAP). FAP Free Period : A ‘FAP Free’ period applies to all plans between 03:30 and 08:30 hours every day ( local time ). During this time, the user can use as much data as they like. This data does not contribute to a users’ consumption limit. ²For those who desire a completely FAP free service we offer these on dedicated bandwidth (1:1)
*Maximum headline rate. Typical speeds may vary, please consult Freedom HN grade of service document for details. ** Subscription to be paid in advance in 3-month blocks (includes one month deposit refunded as 9th month of subscription in this year's commitment to service); renewal to take place after 2nd month of service. †Special offer based on 3 months' pre-paid subscription. Price includes 0.98m dish, Hughes' Freedom HN modem, azel mount, (pole not included), arms, head unit and 25m coaxial twin shot cable (connectors fitted). WAFA terms and conditions apply. tel: +971-2-5500223
Download Grade of Service Documentation

Cities, Areas and FOBs Covered for satellite internet over Afghanistan

Central Afghanistan
Eastern Afghanistan
North Eastern Afghanistan
North -Western Afghanistan
South Eastern Afghanistan
South -Western Afghanistan
FOB's In Afghanistan

Western Afghanistan

Camps In Afghanistan

Why is "WAFA" considered as the best satellite internet provider for military troops in Afghanistan ?

Stay in touch with home
Be in touch with the near and dear ones whenever and wherever they want.
Team Up, Share Costs and Pay less Per User
Our Satellite Internet System can be used by multiple users at one time. Share and divide the cost per user.
Lowest Cost Per User As US 19.66 Per User - (Based On Freedom 3)
Easy To install, easier to use
Plug and Play - Easiest VSAT system to install.
Wide Coverage
We cover the entire Afghanistan region and if you relocate anywhere within Afghanistan our internet connection can relocate with you.
Speed & Reliability
While deciding on the ISP especially for satellite links, one has to carefully understand and consider with "Offered Services Vs Given Services" for which WAFA is not only popular but also prominent for the level of services offered and given.
Value Added Benefits On Wafa's Network
  • 24/7 Online Support web Based HelpDesk
  • Subsidized or even free shipping to Afghanistan*
  • Short Flexible contract terms e.g. 12 months, 9 months, 6 months, 3 months,etc.
  • Wide range of solutions from single user to 100s of users
The Freedom HN (Hughes HN9200) is a high-performance, dual Ka-/Ku-band broadband satellite router designed to satisfy a wide range of high-speed connectivity requirements for military, consumers and enterprises.
  • On-demand constant bit rate (CBR) services for applications like VoIP
  • Outbound or forward channel with rates up to 121 Mbps
  • Accelerated HTTP performance, including HTTP pre-fetch and DNS caching
  • Best effort services - weighted fair queuing
  • Integrated Hughes TurboPage software to accelerate HTTP traffic for fast browser access
  • Up to 60Mbps multicast
  • The satellite modem has a basic ethernet port. i.e. any networking will require a 3rd party router
Note - Satellite Internet is Not Allowed inside U.A.E. as per local regulations, and hence not sold within U.A.E.

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